Certain scents and melodies, certain days
Inescapably will open up the tender trap
the mostly dwelling spot who’s job it is to bring it back
I always knew that I was only going through a phase
A hopefully forgiven stage of crazy haze

Sadly so unable to go solacefully mad
Resisting to release, somehow gratefully possessed
Spreading over voice and lessons, past and future tests
Passing far beyond what’s eerie and estranged
No regrets, though sometimes wishing I could change

Twenty marvelled dolefully at time and space
Twenty recollected crude and wicked loss
Twenty chose the earthy sane embrace
Twenty summoned songs of friends to get across.

A brief or lengthy stare into the source of time
I unstrain the rules and drift against the tide
Observe the scattered stars while emanating smiles
Call upon the memories with peaceful eyes
Then I realize my hands are not as tied