Brooding Maps consists of 34 different sized drawings (paper, ink, pen) and two books, of which one also has written poetry in it. The 34 drawings’ titles makes a separate poem when put together.


We went across
Just over the treaty lines
I see the house is still standing
A quiet visit to the relatives
They finally arrived changed
Staring at the latest arrivals
It seems a comforting spot
On the other hand
What do you do if you meet someone who looks just like you?
What if we forgot that we’d already been there?
Do you mind that you are here?

Stay here in the middle of decision, don’t move, sit down
Wait for the road between thought and mouth to build
The closer I get, I keep changing direction
We don’t take this road anymore
You run smiling through the dirty streets
You push boundaries taking things just too far
I sneak around here like a crippled thief

It’s a long walk with spiders
Are you sure you want to go?
Are you sure you want to stay?
Do you know where we are going?
Doors opens, doors closes.
Two steps forward. A moment disappeared

This is the place where practice is invisible until you are suddenly facing it
A good deal of travelling these days?
Ambivalent run
The speed of travel tones down the effect of camouflage
I’ll manage here in the mean time
If I can find a logical direction
I write your name in the snow to remember
I travel alone these days
Avoiding places
The entry is the exit


My mind is a defected pen
writing odd dreams
beneath my skin itching
pretty much the way
I like it
I realised that I didn’t
miss you at all
I missed
soarly deeply heartbreakingly
the version of you
that I had
made up in my mind

RE: Happiness
I fear we are failing
being busy doing
The search for meaning
makes us human
you said
Are you sure we can look that far ahead?
The idea of bliss was invented
to force us to consume
Greed comes in any color
I presume
When you ask me about happiness
or my favorite place to be alone
I’ll say I’m euforic
when I know that
no harm is done
I’m not sure what scares me most:
distress or the ability to endure
I guess I’m not that optimistic

This is a mirror
A portrait of a pedestrian mind

This is the winter
that will never end
This is the strength
that will break or bend
This is the truth
we can’t comprehend
This is the magic
upon which we depend
These are the hurts
that we wish to mend
This is the darkness
which we represent
This is the time
that has no end
This is the letter
I will never send
Your face will always haunt me


Certain scents and melodies, certain days
Inescapably will open up the tender trap
the mostly dwelling spot who’s job it is to bring it back
I always knew that I was only going through a phase
A hopefully forgiven stage of crazy haze
Sadly so unable to go solacefully mad
Resisting to release, somehow gratefully possessed
Spreading over voice and lessons, past and future tests
Passing far beyond what’s eerie and estranged
No regrets, though sometimes wishing I could change
Twenty marvelled dolefully at time and space
Twenty recollected crude and wicked loss
Twenty chose the earthy sane embrace
Twenty summoned songs of friends to get across.
A brief or lengthy stare into the source of time
I unstrain the rules and drift against the tide
Observe the scattered stars while emanating smiles
Call upon the memories with peaceful eyes
Then I realize my hands are not as tied
Twenty summoned songs of friends to get across

Let’s hope someone does something
I’m bending spoons and traffic rules for you
Lately I’ve indulged in madness
I’m turning tides and killing pride for you
Forever know
There will be a
you-shaped void
in my heart

If telepathy works
you’ll know what I mean