ENGLISH TEXTS (to written songs)

Here I’ll publish some of the lyrics that has music that either aren’t finished enough to publish, or we don’t own the rights to the recording, alas the songs need new production. All songs by Dagfinn Koch if not stated otherwise. All lyrics by Malin Kjelsrud.

Sarah was lying
In the autumn meadow
Peacefully smoking
Her last cigarette
The scars through her soul had paled away
But the skies had never ever been so grey

She closed her eyes
And smiled a tired smile
Dreaming of Paris
In the early spring
Sarah killed the urge to run and hide
It was like something beautiful had died

No need to be sad
Forget what you had
I have burnt my hopes and buried all my dreams
It’s not that hard, it seems
She said

Sarah was rising
Her face appeared like stone
There was a silence
I found myself alone
No matter what she does it will be wrong
To let down someone you really must be strong

Call upon memories long gone
of stories lived and learned
Underneath our many feet
the earth continues to spin
Stars are pulling our skin

Gaze into the source of time
We drift against the tide
and holding hands we keep
the loneliness at ease (dizziness/emptiness)

Brace our souls for making amends
Greeting the wind that blows minds
Change the dream, the end is over
time to stop being blind
Tomorrow belongs to the kind ones

INTRO (phone voice a la Puttin’ on the Ritz)
It’s great to have friends that are jewish or gay
They’ll teach you how to dress and to play
Forget romance, but by all means pretend
An Audi TT will make you transcend

Vers 1:
Oscar Wilde was wrong about crying,
a well-timed tear can help you start flying
Don’t be distracted by the global news
Or the sadness in the mourners blues
Once you receive the right affections
You will build the right connections

Vers 2:
Vouge, the bible, always teach
What to wear at the office or the beach
Your shoes must be worth dying for
And your Gucci-handbag even more
Make sure your colors are in fashion
Display the right amount of passion

Screw the right men at the right time
Keep the right friends as you climb
or else you will know how it feels to fail
and you will sing a requiem for a broken nail

Vers 3:
I realized that the meaning of life
Is to become a rich mans wife
Keep your confidence on top
Put your boobs ahead and up
And pretty soon you’ll wear a bridal gown
and get that cool flat in Barbietown (west end girls)

My advice is this guide to success
And learn the secrets of how to impress
Keep your hair long and shiny (daddy’s creditcard)
And your ass tight and tiny (mummy’s surgeon)

Design emotions and sell your soul
With grace, step into the perfect role
or else you will know how it feels to fail
and you will sing a requiem for a broken nail

(Music: Dagfinn Koch & Tirill Mohn)
Once upon a rainy Tuesday
What shouldn’t happen yet occured
A cup of coffee in my hand
As I read the news referred

Once upon a rainy Tuesday
Hours went by all blurred
I wore your soft blue knitted sweather
Your absence just absurd

No sense in wondering why
I cannot even cry
I just silently sigh
Just a silent sigh

Once upon a rainy Tuesday
months went by all blurred
I had your laughter in my head
your absence still absurd

Once upon a rainy Tuesday
Think it was October third
Your image often pass my mind
But I never say a word

(Music: Dagfinn Koch & Tirill Mohn)
Fragile summer Sunday morning
Looking at my dream come true
Still asleep, I can see you’re dreaming
Carefully inhaling
The scent of you
I know you very well by now
Behind those lids your eyes are blue
Every line and scar I cherish
Examined through, no longer new

Don’t want to wake you
Not just yet
Let me keep this moment
A bit
Until you sense my stare
And open your eyes

I did a backwards discovery
Of our common history
I found that you and me
We were always meant to be

I never ever cease to be amazed
How you are always rescued by a phrase
The meaning of your words I will erase
I will

I thought that you would always be my friend
On your trust I sadly did depend
The damage I will find a way to mend
I know

Memories will surely fade
I will not be afraid
It’s gonna be my time
I will retrieve what´s mine
Turn waves into straightened lines
It’s gonna be just fine

I think that you don´t have a real idea
Of what it takes to overcome a fear
And searching for a suiting smile to wear
I do

(Music: Dagfinn Koch & Tirill Mohn)
I have a recurring dream
walking barefoot in the grass
and the need to scream
seem to have passed

I dance real slow
warm wind in my face
an euphoric flow
without a trace

Who wrote those enchanting words
that I no longer can remember?
Who played those amazing chords
glowing like dying embers?

I have a recurring dream
I guess it is one of those
you fear it’s a sceme
then uncertainty grows

I dance real slow
round and round once more
the magic light glows
much brighter than before

(Music: Dagfinn Koch, Tirill Mohn)
When the sun sets in the golden night
I’ll open the door to the mystery
Listen to the sound of quiet
I’ll show you the peaceful sanctuary

Come with me
Your eyes will see
The blue and green
from a world unseen
The hurts will heal
Let’s seal the deal
Come with me
Come with me

A cup of wine to sooth your thirst
The entrancing story has begun
Make a brave choice first
Your golden thread of life is spun

From here on sensually present
Don’t consider what you leave behind
The whole eternity so pleasant
I promise that you’ll never mind