ENGLISH TEXTS (to music)

All songs by Dagfinn Koch if not otherwise stated. All lyrics by Malin Kjelsrud.

INTRO (phone voice a la Puttin’ on the Ritz)
It’s great to have friends that are jewish or gay
They’ll teach you how to dress and to play
Forget romance, but by all means pretend
An Audi TT will make you transcend

Vers 1:
Oscar Wilde was wrong about crying,
a well-timed tear can help you start flying
Don’t be distracted by the global news
Or the sadness in the mourners blues
Once you receive the right affections
You will build the right connections

Vers 2:
Cosmopolitan, the bible, always teach
What to wear at the office or the beach
Your shoes must be worth dying for
And your Gucci-handbag even more
Make sure your colors are in fashion
Display the right amount of passion

Screw the right men at the right time
Keep the right friends when you climb
or else you will know how it feels to fail
and you will sing a requiem for a broken nail

Vers 3:
I realized that the meaning of life
Is to become a rich mans wife
Keep your confidence on top
Put your boobs ahead and up
And pretty soon you’ll wear a bridal gown
and get that cool flat in Barbietown (west end girls)

My advice is this guide to success
And learn the secrets of how to impress
Keep your hair long and shiny (daddy’s creditcard)
And your ass tight and tiny (mummy’s surgeon)

Design emotions and sell your soul
With grace, step into the perfect role
or else you will know how it feels to fail
and you will sing a requiem for a broken nail


ON OUR WAY (2021)
Vocals: Jon Ruder

«Don’t you know that I’m Sisyfos’ stone?»
says the woman rising from the girl
Ten thousand minds
looking through her eyes
Ten thousand eyes
busy staring at the sky

Don’t limit the size of our dreams
I don’t know who is coming
or where we’re going,
but we are on our way
Don’t limit your will to forgive
It isn’t all or nothing
Hate or loving
When we finally arrive
We will have changed

«One day we’ll join the singing ghosts»
says the man leaving the boy behind
He calls their names
proudly from the wind
to protect us from
the madness of our kings

«Summon songs of friends to get across»
says the mother to the child
Make sure everybody
is growing tall
to prepare for the sorrow
that will come




We greet each other with empty eyes
Hardly observing the frozen smiles
Staggering on as blind
Forgot how to unwind

We lost power, there’s only words
Though we practice them as sharpened swords
Thinking someone must pay
Forgot how to play

Maybe this doesn’t make any sense
But I can’t help but wonder

All the things that we seem to do
Just to keep our minds busy
All the lies we believe are true
The thought of it’s making me dizzy

The beast among us has grown bold
Or at least that’s how the story is told
Have we all lost our toys?
Forgot how to make noise



(music: myself)
Life opens doors
And leaves us torn and washed up on different shores
I heard your whisper through the dark
it left a broken spark

I went to bury my feet in the sand
It felt as melancholy as I planned
I kept my deal as neat as I could
And then came silence

Temptation’s gone
I’ll have to learn to make up the rest of my mind
And carve the shape of things to come
Decide who to become

There’s something odd about the space in between
If telepathy works you’ll know what I mean


I crashed into a scary downside
Too tired and weak to even hide
I was stuck inside a tiny frame
As a part of his skillful game

He broke into my weary mind
Deciding I was a sweet divine
Pretending to be nice and kind
I missed the yelling warning sign

He prey on empathy
But I’m all out of sympathy
I’m breaking free
Saving what’s left of me
I’m breaking free

I’m standing still but try to move
Clearly now he won’t approve
I’m failing to comfort and reconcile
Facing his tears and the dying smile


Oh, please don’t share what’s on your mind
I really do not want to know
Sometimes I wish that I was blind

Oh, please don’t ask what’s on my mind
I will tell you something else
Either way you’ll never find

Let’s not
state the obvious
Let’s be
Deeply shallow
Let’s not
share the sorrow
Let’s not
– talk

Let’s believe our laughter’s real
Though we choke and look away
Let’s not share how we feel

Oh, let’s just speak about TV
We will argue about her hair
Like always ending up agreed


Maybe you have felt it too
Something has changed
Deep inside you’ll know it’s true
Though it may feel strange
How long are you gonna wait?

Don’t let that inner voice stay as a muffled hum
Have you ever tried to follow a different drum?

Trust yourself, fly away
Dare to feel alive
Don’t be scared, come and play
We will be okay
How far do you dare to go?


He’ll witness life through glued-on pearls
patiently awaiting the shift
While wearing the names of boys and girls
He carefully employs his gift

She tries to float above the birds
listening out for songs and signs
Unsure if to lift the curse
Knowing the price is seven lives.

Regret –
She hesitates to introduce the damned
to drink the blood of ghosts to understand
Pain of wisdom no one wants to find:
advice not followed, she’s choosing to stay blind

Forget –
Refuse the future memories revealed by fire
The boy will be just fine, he’ll stay alive
as long as he won’t try to know himself
Call him by her name and nothing else

Their eyes are looking more than human
voices sounding larger than themselves
Gather wiser men and women
together they may break the spells

As the dark of night fades into clear day
we’re moving on with wings drawn back in joy


I gaze beyond your frozen smile
to find the reason of your ruptured soul.
You wear your hidden tears well
true to the blackness of the hole

The herd of giants before you
Their teeth loaded and aimed
Now constructing a new truth
You’re graciously locked and framed

What do you want
Where do you wanna go?

It’s hard to see you so dazed
I would love to see your head raised
Smiling in a dreamy gaze
All the grey entirely erased

I wish you could
Enjoy the essence
I wish you’d see
Life’s delicate precence

You’re just pretending to be alive
waiting for the end to arrive
Entranced by the bitter harmony
Craving for the ceremony



Little paper people
Have paper bullets in their guns
And will defeat you with their nouns
Little paper people
See themselves as small
They do what they are told

Little paper people
Can’t reveal who is the source
They’re sticking to the course
Little paper people
Are deaf to pleads and screams
Getting high on bigger dreams

Little paper people
Won’t see their actions as insults
Or understand the results
Little paper people
Are only scared to make mistakes
Busy playing ducks and drakes



SARAH (2006)
Sarah was lying
In the autumn meadow
Peacefully smoking
Her last cigarette
The scars through her soul had paled away
But the skies had never ever been so grey

She closed her eyes
And smiled a tired smile
Dreaming of Paris
In the early spring
Sarah killed the urge to run and hide
It was like something beautiful had died

No need to be sad
Forget what you had
I have burnt my hopes and buried all my dreams
It’s not that hard, it seems
She said

Sarah was rising
Her face appeared like stone
There was a silence
I found myself alone
No matter what she does it will be wrong
To let down someone you really must be strong


Friends and strangers: love escapes!
This frenzied world remains
Hear the song that Chronos sing
The best things in life aren’t things

We are all the guards of tomorrow
(the) owners of this newborn millennium
Let’s make sure they won’t forget us
The owners of a noble rage

Not pleased with what you’ve got?
When would you be pleased enough?
Listen when the brave ones sing
The best things in life aren’t things


SPELL FOR BETRAYED WOMEN (Translation from the Norwegian «Galdr for sviktede kvinnfolk«) (2017)
(Springar from Kristiansund, music: Dagfinn Koch)

I shout to the mountains,
sea ​​and air:
for your betrayal you will bleed
It comes with the wind,
a knowledge in mind:
Time and place when you shall die

Dark glances from those who love you
they will forget about who you are
You are obsolete, vile and speechless:
’cause you shall see yourself!

I give it to the storm
my wreath and anger
You’re gonna gnaw on my sorrow
Forever wait
and go around yearning
love will never be yours

Your bones shall tie a witches’ knot
which gets stronger the more you fight
And your flesh shall
grow wild and hard
Hollow hunger will not be relieved by food

We loved each other. I gave you everything.
Our love was high as the ceiling of the world.
Life was gracious, fun and good
until you took the hungier road.
Melancholic blood ran down my soul.
All the beautiful days will become ugly.With fire in hand
and time in voice
I urge sleep to become penance
Memories disappear
pain arises
Wine becomes water, but tastes like blood

Peace and prosperity will take another way
If yes is wanted, then the answer will be no
At dawn
the witches fire will scorch
Happiness leaves and sorrow stays


Counting clouds is easy, there’s not a single one
Morally obliged to enjoy the sun
Clouds of dust is hurled by passing feet
Tanned children doesn’t seem to mind the heat

Panting dogs refuse to play
Sweating tourists walking by and say
«This doesn’t look anything like the ad»
The air feels electric and weird

Bells nearby chiming
Seems somehow proper for this day
Inner peace is stolen by the wind and tide
On the day that summer died

At last I’m warm all through
I give up not thinking of you
A distant smell of hotdogs and grass
And all these moments pass


This is the winter
that will never end
this is the strength
that will break or bend

This is the truth
we can’t comprehend
This is the magic
upon which we depend

I guess your face will always haunt me
Like a friendly ghost
But a friend foremost

These are the hurts
that we wish to mend
This is the darkness
which we represent

This is the time
that has no end
This is the letter
I will never send



Call upon
Memories long gone
of stories given and learned

our many feet
the earth continues to spin
Stars are pulling our skin

Gaze into the source of time
We drift against the tide
and holding hands we keep
the loneliness at ease (dizziness/emptiness)

Brace our souls
for making amends
Greeting the wind that blows minds

Change the dream
The end is over
time to stop being blind
Tomorrow belongs to the kind ones


WHAT IF (2009)
If I was lying under water
waiting for the air to expire
Would you dive down into the blue
And come and get me?

If I was lying on the floor
weeping all the uncried tears
Would you lie down beside me
And hold me tight?

What if you suddenly became aware
That I couldn’t stay the one I tried to be
wanted to be
longed to be
Would you love me anyway?

If I was hurt by the failing years
Overtaken by unknown fears
Would you own the magic words
And put everything right?

If I told you about things I admire
And changed your image of me
Things you thought you knew
Would you still dare to see?



LET’S GET OUR WIGGLE ON (an attempt to write a special style for a film…)
Bump off that all wet Lollygagger
He’s a two faced kiss and tell pill-bragger,
Just a little cheese, ossified four-flusher
He’s a gumbeating Ritzy sap
Ankle that swanky face my way
You’re a water-proof, darb and smooth oyster heart
Such a valid stamp, baby vamp, berry part
I’m full on stuck on you

You and me, together we’re bee’s knees
Swell and flapper,
Darb and dapper
We’re on the trolley
and everything’s Jake

Get a move on those getaway stilts
Even though we’re low on dough
Put on some glad rags,
unfurl the flags,
forget tomorrow
Let’s find some giggle water
Let’s get our wiggle on!


I am having a hard time getting out of bed,
its all due to an aching head.
I can’t recall all that happened last night
And now I am sick, sober and sorry.

Today I woke up with a sigh of relief
In my own bed not seeing a strangers face
It could have gone oh so bad
But I’m sick, sober and sorry

I promise myself: never drink again
But I know that’s just self-deception
I know who I am. I feel pretty mellow
I always regret, but I’m alive

Maybe next time I’ll meet someone special
And a velvet wine’ll help me smile
But right now I’ll drink a beer to repair
‘cause I’m sick, sober and sorry

I need a shower
I’d kill for a burger
The fridge is empty
The light’s too bright
My cellphone is gone
The money is spent
I don’t remember
How I got home

Vocals: Nora Dahlberg live at «Bakgårdsfesten» in 2017:

Vocals: Malin & Dagfinn


(Music: Dagfinn Koch & Tirill Mohn)
Once upon a rainy Tuesday
What shouldn’t happen yet occured
A cup of coffee in my hand
As I read the news referred

Once upon a rainy Tuesday
Hours went by all blurred
I wore your soft blue knitted sweather
Your absence just absurd

No sense in wondering why
I cannot even cry
I just silently sigh
Just a silent sigh

Once upon a rainy Tuesday
months went by all blurred
I had your laughter in my head
your absence still absurd

Once upon a rainy Tuesday
Think it was October third
Your image often pass my mind
But I never say a word


I’m claiming the city back
Change my mood to pink from black
I’m taking the parks and streets
again, they’re my secret treats
I’m claiming them back

Now it’s all mine again
I’m claiming them back for good
I’m free and alive and
They’re all mine again

I’m claiming the music back
Give myself some needed slack
I’m taking the chords and beats
They’re making my day complete
I’m claiming them back

I’m claiming the pleasure back
choking the panic attacks
unhiding my long lost joy
And play with my refound toys
I’m claiming them back


Wait a minute, something is wrong
this hasn’t happened for long
you say it’s blue, but I see red
Is it you or is it me that’s
messing with my head?

I enter the room, but the room is gone
how do I know that it’s not just a con?
I remember the face, but the name is lost
something keeps telling me
that I’m being crossed

Maybe I’m just blind or dead
confusion is drilling a hole in my head

I don’t want to be here
I want to get out
a solution seemed so near
now I’m full of doubt
I don’t want to be here
I want to escape
sweetness seemed so near
Should’ve had it on tape

Wait a minute, something is wrong
this hasn’t happened for long
I don’t remember being there
I’m no longer sure that
I can be repaired


The distant atmosphere of another age
Reminds me that we can’t unchange
With a stone fallen from my heart
I discovered that my world doesn’t fall apart

A part of me was craving more and more
Insecurity grew faster than before
At last I was obliged to obey
I discovered that I can’t chase the shades away

There’s so much I
Wish I could say
You’re so far away
Sleeping by my side
I think as
loudly as I can
Maybe you can hear
Deep into your dream

I was startled by the sudden thought
Of all the circles that I should have fought
Perhaps I should have let you know
I discovered that it might’ve made the circles grow


GOODBYE (2008)
I never ever cease to be amazed
How you are always rescued by a phrase
The meaning of my words you just erase
I will

I thought that you would always be my friend
On your trust I sadly did depend
The damage I will find a way to mend
I know

Memories will surely fade
I will not be afraid
It’s gonna be my trade
I will retrieve what´s mine
Turn waves into straightened lines
It’s gonna be just fine

I think that you don´t have a real idea
Of what it takes to overcome a fear
And searching for a suiting smile to wear
I do


Sometimes I gotta climb to get down
Take a breath of water or drown
Search for someone that’s already there
Close my eyes in order to stare

Sometimes I hit ”Start” to shut down
Take the straight path to get around
Turn the sound off to hear the tune
Look for the sun to find the moon

Sadly I’ve been right before
Most likely I’ll be right once more
Everything might seem okay
But believe me when I say
The world is plain illogical

Sometimes I must whisper to be heard
Use a different, maybe foreign word
Sometimes I must dive to get up
Drink expensive wine from a cheap cup


Every man and every woman is a star
Your own true orbit will bring you far
Come forth o children of the starry blue
Let my light shed over you

Do what you will, do no wrong
Let the good ones grow and be strong
They are many, they are one
She is a moon, he is a sun

Above all, love is the law
What you’ll see won’t be what I saw
Love each other with burning hearts
Love is the bond uniting the parts

Do not believe the evil lie
That it’s certain that you must die
The blind are slaves of because
Do what you will is the master of laws.


There’s shade in the eyes of my neighbours
Dreams frozen for later
We’re all building forts

When leaders betray, who’ll be our saviours?
Friends become haters
Bad turn to worse

We’ll make it if we run (it could be so beautiful)
we’ll make it somewhere somehow (I long for silence)

Mad minds ruins our fantasy
Of peaceful days and starry nights
Dragged back to the haze of reality
Lost friends and broken lights

When we defy war, they call us traitors
It’s human nature
We can’t lift the curse



MUZZLED (2007)
(Music: Dagfinn Koch & Tirill Mohn)
And now that you no longer
Can see me any other way
The awry image grows stronger
You turn your blind eye away
I’m still here

And now that words gets useless
Like otiose lines in a play
Only deaf ears hears the protest
There is nothing left to say
I’m still here

Do you hear me?
Do you know my name?

I’m just a numbered piece
In your annoying puzzle
Nobody cares to hear
I have been muzzled
I cannot speak

And I am getting lost there
In secret puzzling rules
This battle isn’t played fair
I’m standing in a row of fools
I’m forever there



(Music: Dagfinn Koch & Tirill Mohn)
I have a recurring dream
walking barefoot in the grass
and the need to scream
seem to have passed

I dance real slow
warm wind in my face
an euphoric flow
without a trace

who wrote those enchanting words
that I no longer can remember?
Who played those amazing chords
glowing like dying embers?

I have a recurring dream
I guess it is one of those
you fear it’s a sceme
then uncertainty grows

I dance real slow
round and round once more
the magic light glows
much brighter than before




Whenever you feel lost and hurt
And all alone in the world
Questioning whatever is the point
To all this nonsense

Whenever you feel happy and warm
And want to share it with the world
So much blissful joy
And everything makes sense

If you need something to believe in
heal your wounds
comfort your soul
remove your doubts
and make your aura shine
You need the Swiss Army God!

Whenever you feel high or low
And need something but don’t know what
It comes in different colors
And can be called whatever you want

O Lord you make everything make sense



(Music: Dagfinn Koch & Tirill Mohn)
It could have been so bad
chances were I’d be sad
I could have been on my own
totally alone

I might have closed the door
or stared down at the floor
wondered where you were
and what you’d prefer

But you weren’t missed
my dear, you were right there
made sure I was properly kissed
on the darkest night of the year

I could have gone alone to bed
with confusing words in my head
wonder what’d happen next
sleeping unrelaxed

VOID (2014)

You’re far away or keep me close
through hot and sleepless nights
I’m holding on spite deep sea lows
’cause roller coaster highs 

I’m bending spoons and traffic rules for you

You only love me when you’re lonely
You’ll disappear again
I dream in vain
You’re gone and I’m
left with a you-shaped void in my heart

I wait and ache, submerge my sadness in
wine and strangers’ love
Lately I’ve indulged in madness
Days go by somehow

I’m turning tides and killing pride for you

You pull, I stay sustained in dreams
I keep dissecting proofs
You keep me keen by being cold
(I) must quit this crazy loop

At half past thirtyfour
I think my best is behind me
Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost
Yet another border to be crossed

Let’s have some wine therapy
A fresh beginning again
Discover new aspects of beauty
Wine therapy
Everything’s explained
Share some cubic bubbles with me

The misty late confessions
Are always sung in C-minor
Answering the questions
Unlearned in the morning hours

Let it sink in slowly
You’re all alone on the merry-go-round
Let’s try to keep it nobly
This felicital burial ground