Auto-admiring schools of fuckthrowers 
covered us slowly,
saturating those minds too lazy to know. 
Hearts turned like Reversi gone mad.
Complete disbelief stole our ability to Polonaise.
What really happened will be erased from legal memory.
Persistent undoubt still shelters our frizzled sanity.

When our close-ish friend started deriding 
we should have known.
How puzzling 
- he was the only one who never wondered why or how.
Today, risen by determined energy,
nothing stops him 
 - and his multiplying sidekicks
        departing towers and shacks -
from hoarding incidents of inequity and newfound tyranny.
He shows his teeth 
keeps a steady pulse
while he aids in the draining of decent blood into the dirty streets,
mirroring his clan's unseeing 
fearless circular one track 
Humanity plainly abandoned.

He was always somewhat too pronounced
yet entertaining in his uniqueness.
Now he’s emboldened and ferociously become
plentiful and common 
            - he is everywhere and anyone -

in his best age
almost hugging himself
in childlike joy 
of new and old fruits 
being hung in strange and usual places.
You, who have gone pallid 
from the ising wind 
    way too private 
through the fresh gashes in your core,
hide and change! 
Everybody else:
put on your blinders!
We’re taking a break from freedom.

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