A multipolar mind in a binary world

Is there a limit of how many times we’re allowed to reinvent ourselves?
Is it possible to live in this age without a filter?
The temporary madness grows ever untemporary 
living in the land of blind experts 
locked up in the saggy arms of ‘these things take time, have a nice day’

The only mystery is how to endure
We’ll make ourselves various identities
Stick them to our vulgar wishboard

     Designer tricks!

        .:Ed!toR!aL fr3Aks:.

Beautiful objects, pretty things
Glitter sparkle shine!! 

We're practicing the art of walking and smiling
relying on and constantly reliving a dreamed of 
Wiping tears with Benjamins won’t even do
Eldorado is no where to be found

So we create heartfelt memorials of butterfly days
We need grown up therapists
curating those lovely thoughts
     long lost 

Being a multipolar mind in a binary world:
perhaps we’re doomed to keep walking the earth 
heavily longing for a lengthy flight
persistantly adding more color to the black & white’s
Waving our art in your faces
     heart pounding    I'm a fake
     teeth clenching behind dishonest smiles
straight backs - honest eyes
Only the easily impressed have any respect for it

Would you?
Would any of us
step up
grow down
translate the frightened man
feeling grey and unworthy? 
Would you dare to be the one
entering the red hot opening
realising ancient stories
told firmly against the now
is ringing clear and true?
Would you retell
The legends of the passing firstborn winds
Flinging knives and sighs against the angry air?

It's not possible to live in this age without a filter
I’m thinking there really is a limit of how many times I’m allowed to reinvent myself
I’m worried about what they´ll 
I used to measure smiles per hour
Now I measure the shadows 
     of their words
I estimate the weight of the scorn in their eyes
against their out turned hands

This hopefully temporary madness
itching the festering wound in my loneliness
oh, how proud to be the lone wolf
Meet Donkey Kong in person
Have a ball