Couldn’t care less

(Lyrics: Malin Kjelsrud)

If I may
Speak my honest opinion
The games you play
Is filling me with rage

The things you say
Does not fit into the puzzle
Today’s the day
Excuse me while I laugh

You are serving shiny lies
I can see it in your sheepish teary eyes

words cannot really express
how I couldn’t care less
about your so-called tristesse
Couldn’t care´bout it at all
Don’t even try to confess
it’ll only make a mess
words cannot truely express
how I really don’t care

All of your
Excuses all sound the same
There’s no cure
You’re chronically dumb

And even more
You’re awkwardly transparent
There’s the door
Excuse me while you leave

Bridge 2:
Go away far from here
In my mind I see you already there