Drawn Back in Joy

(Lyrics: Malin Kjelsrud)

He’ll witness life through glued-on pearls
patiently awaiting the shift
While wearing the names of boys and girls
He carefully employs his gift

She tries to float above the birds
listening out for songs and signs
Unsure if to lift the curse
Knowing the price is seven lives.

Regret –
She hesitates to introduce the damned
to drink the blood of ghosts to understand
Pain of wisdom no one wants to find:
advice not followed, she’s choosing to stay blind

Forget –
Refuse the future memories revealed by fire
The boy will be just fine, he’ll stay alive
as long as he won’t try to know himself
Call him by her name and nothing else

Their eyes are looking more than human
voices sounding larger than themselves
Gather wiser men and women
together they may break the spells

As the dark of night fades into clear day
we’re moving on with wings drawn back in joy

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