Please consider all these works as sketches and demos.

The project «Pretty Mellow» is a studio concept consisting of Dagfinn Koch and myself. Mostly, he writes the music and I write the lyrics. Dagfinn is a classical composer, but enjoy making art-pop too. We have also done more classical works together, like «Galdr for sviktede kvinnfolk», a re-composed springar by Edvard Bræin, performed by Kristiansundsoperaens sinfonietta led by Kjell Seim, at the 100 years anniversary concert for The Norwegian Composers society, in Kristiansund 12th March 2017. (They got my title wrong in the pamphlet). We also did a piece for my grandmothers funeral, «Mellom minne og drøm». I am currently working with writing pop lyrics and other texts for music also for other composers than Dagfinn.