Boulez deconstructed again – the fragments

Pierre Boulez wrote an essay «Schönberg is dead«. I printed it out and deconstructed it.

Here are the lines I found this time: (Last time it became something else)

The exact moment of wisdom is elusive, it manifests in premature ambition.

Less speaking seems uncovering ambiguity.

A true morphological revolution is achieved by acute elimination of discipline and principle.

Rhythmic unfolding of each sound revert intervals to coagulated speech.

I was poetic and strong but above all feeling well developed.

If I may pick out the intrinsic value of a flaw, I dreamed it.

He found himself ridden by his still-rudimentary dodecaphonic romanticism bitterly conscious of absolute music.

I do not acknowledge that only chromatic confusion remains.

Dodecaphonic writing should adopt a logic of chromatic synthesis established through a language no historic romantico-classicism attempted to annihilate.

In the persistence of false methodology, I see reminiscences of a hollow presence which tricks ourselves to think tonal functions in false cadences appearing again.

Every composer surviving dreamed of exploration of serial experiments resides in the clarity of a hilarious grasp.

Forget that one could enlarge the microdistances, perhaps we can pursue to limit the bragging mediocrity.

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